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What is is a gallery of vidcaps from anime series. Categorized by series and character(s) and mood. It also contains other optional information such as episode number. Registered users can contribute to this gallery.

What are Vidcaps?

Vidcaps or video captures are image frame captures from a video. Basically, pictures from a video .

How do I make a vidcap?

Many modern computer video players have an option to capture an image. Here is some info on common ones.

Media Player Classic - Recommended Player File -> Save Image or press F5
Windows media player - it has been reported that this can make vidcaps but its not easy and not recomended.

Under Tools, scroll down to "Options" then click on the "Performance" tab. Change "video acceleration" to "none" (That varies depending on your version, some versions call it "overlays".) and then you should be able to take pictures using the "print screen" button on the keyboard (and then pasting into an appropriate image editting program like MSPaint).
Real Player - Does not appear to be capable
Quicktime - ctrl + c or the copy command will put the picture into your clipboard.
ATI mmc - Use ctrl+ins or click the button that looks like a camera
VLC - Does not appear to be capable
Win DVD - Doesn't seem to support least not the free version
Power DVD - Press C to capture or the camera button. Captures to clipboard by default, can be changed to file in the advanced options.
BS Player - Press P

If you know of other players that support making vidcaps let me know and I'll add them here.

Do you accept vidcaps from things other than anime?

Only vidcaps from anime, and anime related things (Live action sailor moon for example) are accepted.

Is Hentai anime accepted?

No, hentai is not permitted. However, moderately ecchi and nude content are acceptable content.

How do I submit a vidcap?

Register, Login, and click the "Add Vidcap" link and fill out the form.

What image formats are accepted?

The standard internet formats gif (including animated), jpeg, and png are accepted. However, typically jpeg is the best format for vidcaps.

I can't login!

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