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Inu and Miroku

Wow......poot Sango :-&


Miroku sed something agane!!!

Sango and Miroku

Sango and Kagome on kirara

Miroku is telling something to Inuyahsa!!!


Inuyahsa will will.....barf?!

Sweet Kiss 2 (Movie 2)

I love you

Sweet Kiss (Movie 2)

Too Sexy For Their Shirts LOL

Kissing In Purity Yet Its Tainted Kiss

In your Time From My Time

isnt he SMEXY

Kagome,Sango and Shippo on Kirara

Kagome in Kimono

You're cute when you blush

No wait.....I forgot......

Did you just say that your in love with me?

Inuyasha and Kagome romance

Inuyasha sick

Inuyasha scared

Inuyasha worried
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